Commonwealth Soccer Club values hard work, commitment, and excellence both on and off of the field. CSC believes that a player’s commitment to training sessions and games will not only help the club’s success, but will also improve each team’s quality of play. We strive to balance soccer, life, and a healthy dose of fun throughout the club. Everything we do is centered around providing our players with the best experience possible.


From an age group development perspective, looking at kids across an age group, having a consistent soccer training and development philosophy, and thinking about things other than a single team is very foreign to Central Kentucky, but we believe our approach is the best way to grow better soccer players, coaches and staff.

Player Development

Two training sessions are be scheduled for each CSC team throughout the week. The focus of the sessions includes increasing technical ability and skills, developing team strategy, and addressing tactical issues in an environment that promotes individual learning. The system of training will be customized for each team for the purpose of advancing the players’ skills and maximizing the team’s strengths. At the trainer’s discretion, some practices may be designated as a scrimmage against another CSC or other club team. Training sessions will be ninety minutes in length, and will start and end on time. All practices take place at Lexington Christian Academy.

How Our Age Group Development Works

  • We will have an age group director for every age group and a trainer assigned for each extra team in the age group. The vernacular is changing, the core experience should be similar, but there will be large opportunities for growth in our kids and the club.
  • Top teams will be coached by the age group director/coach and other teams will be led by an age group coach, under the supervision of the age group director. Both teams will train on the same field, not necessarily together, but near each other where possible. Top level teams may have higher level training needs than blue teams, but both teams may warm up the same way or do the same conditioning — as an example — then split up for their team training.
  • The age group director will be in regular communication with the trainer to understand how the lower/higher teams are progressing and may even attend and/or coach blue games from time to time. If blue team players are progressing quickly, they may be asked to train/play with the top team. Likewise if top team players are struggling, they may be asked to play with the lower team while they rebuild confidence, work on skills and need more game minutes to do so.
  • This approach demonstrates our commitment to building a more competitive environment at CSC and the belief that club-wide success begins with evaluating players as an age group…not just as a single team.
  • Carpooling to trainings within an age group (even though players may be on different teams), teams in the same age group attending the same tournaments, and age group get-togethers are just a few of the additional family benefits to our age group development approach.

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